You must complete this application to volunteer

You must complete this application to volunteer

     Thank you for your interest in volunteering in our schools.

     Your help means so much to our students and our staff.

     We now use an automated volunteer management program called Volunteer Tracker.

     We need you to register in Volunteer Tracker, even though you may have been volunteering with us for years.

     Go to our school district webpage, and click the Volunteer Link to complete a volunteer application.

     Or you can (Click to get to the application.)

     The first time you access the system, you’ll need to click on the registration link to register your email address and create a password. Click on the “New to App-Garden? Click Here to Register.”

     Volunteer tracker lets you
     –     identify activities you want to help with.
     –     log the number of hours you serve as a volunteer.

     Volunteer tracker helps us
     –     meet our legal obligation to appropriately screen every person working with children in our schools.
     –     keep track of where you want to volunteer.
     –     quickly process your volunteer application.
     –     make sure schools know you are on the approved volunteer list so they can benefit from the help you’re willing to give.

     Take a look at the Log My Time feature in Volunteer Tracker, and we think you’ll be amazed at the number of hours volunteers contribute to schools.

     And we appreciate your willingness to help. You truly make a difference – for students, for teachers, for our schools.

Thank you,
Bryan Vaughn
Safety Director