Lancaster County School District

Lancaster CSD

Lancaster County School District

Lancaster CSD

Lancaster County School District

Lancaster CSD

Section G -Personnel

Section G

GAA – Goals & Objectives

GAAA – Equal Opportunity Employment

GAD – Development Opportunities

GAE – Complaints & Grievances

GAE – Fillable Grievance form

GAE – Printable Grievance form

GAEA – Legal Protection

GAG – Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest

GAHB – Political Activities

GAIA/B – Solicitations

GAJB – Gifts to Staff Members

GAK – Personnel Records

GAMA – Drug-Free and Alcohol-Free Workplace

GAMB – Employee Sex/Gender Discrimination & Harassment

GAMBA – Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity (Title IX)

GAMC – Staff Conduct

GAMCA – Gavin’s Law

GBA – Professional Staff Compensation Guides & Contracts

GBB – Professional Staff Positions

GBC/D – Professional Staff Recruitment & Hiring

GBCA/GCCA – Professional/Classified Staff Posting and Advertising of Vacancies

GBD – Unencumbered Time

GBE/GCE  Professional/Classified Staff Assignments and Transfers

GBE-R/GCE-R – Professional/Classified Staff Assignments and Transfers Administrative Rule

GBI – Evaluation of Instructional Staff

GBJ – Evaluation of Administrative Staff

GBKA – Professional Staff Reduction in Work Force

GBN – Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff

GBO – Resignation of Professional Staff

GBQ/GCQ – Professional/Classified Personnel Retirement

GBR/GCR – Tobacco-Free Workplace

GBRA/GCRA – Professional/Classified Staff Health

GBRG/GCRF – Non-School Employment of Professional/Classified Staff

GBRGB – Tutoring for Pay

GBRIB/GCRGB – Professional/Classified Staff Leaves and Absences

GBRIB/GCRGB-R – Paid Parental Leave Administrative Rule

GBRIBA – Professional/Classified Sick Leave Bank

GBRIBA-R – Professional/Classified Sick Leave Bank Administrative Rule

GBRK/GCRH/I – Professional/Classified Vacations & Holidays

GCA – Compensation Guides

GCB – Classified Staff Positions

GCC/D -Classified Staff Recruitment & Hiring

GCI – Evaluation of Classified Staff

GCKAA – Classified Staff Reduction-in-Force

GCN – Discipline, Administrative Leave and Dismissal of Classified Staff

GCO – Classified Staff Resignation

GCRD- Classified Staff Overtime Pay

GCRD-R – Classified Staff Overtime Pay Administrative Rule