Lancaster County School District

Lancaster CSD

Lancaster County School District

Lancaster CSD

Lancaster County School District

Lancaster CSD

Section I – Instructional Program

IA – Instructional Goals and Learning Objectives

IAA – Academic Freedom

IC – Curriculum Development

ICA- School Year / Calendar

IDAA – Instructional Program – K-8

IDAB – Instructional Program – 9-12

IDAF – State Assessment Program

IDAG – Career Transition-to-Work Education

IDB – Health Education

IDCA – Summer School Program

IDCE – Advanced College Placement Program

IDDC – Homebound Instruction

IDDD – Gifted and Talented Education

IDDE – Driver Education

IDDF – Special Education

IDDH – Child Development

IDG – Adult Education Program

IEA – Grouping for Instruction

IEK – Homeschooling

IFA – Instructional Materials

IFA-E – Notification of Rights under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)

IFAA – Textbook Selection and Adoption

IFAAA – Library Media Center Materials Selection

IFAAA-E – Reconsideration of Library Media Center Materials Form

IFAAB – Technology Resources Selection and Adoption

IFAAC – Use of Technology Resources in Instruction

IFAAC-R – Use of Technology Resources in Instruction

IFAAC-E – Parental Permission and Student Assurances in the Use of Network

IFAB – Supplementary Materials

IFAC – Field Trips

IHA – Assessment Grading Systems

IHA-R – Assessment/Grading Systems

IHAA – Tests and Examinations

IHAB – Report Cards

IHAD – Parent Conferences

IHAK –Character Education

IHB – Homework

IHC –Class Rankings

IHD – Honor Rolls

IHE – Promotion & Retention

IHEA – Make-Up and Credit Recovery Opportunities

IHEA-R – Content and Credit Recovery

IHEA-E – Credit Recovery Application

IHEB – Acceleration Requirements

IHF – Graduation Requirements

IHF-R – Graduation Requirements

II – Test Assessment Security and Administration

IJ – Evaluation of Instructional Program

IKB – Teaching About Controversial Sensitive Issues

IKC – Teaching about Religion

IKDA – Flag Displays

IKDB – School Ceremonies and Observations

IMG – Service Animals

IMG-R – Service Animals Administrative Rule