Check out these great new meals

Check out the delicious new items your school lunch ladies are serving in October.

New in elementary schools

–     Mandarin orange chicken

–     Fried rice

–     Rice-vegetable casserole,

–     Chili beans

–     Lasagna

–     Popcorn chicken

–     Chicken rice soup

New in middle schools – All of the above, PLUS

–     Chicken fajita

–     Chicken wraps

–     Beef nachos

–     Meatball subs

–     Baked potato meal

New in high schools

–     Philly cheese steak

–     Meatball subs

–     Chili beans

–     Beef taco pie

–     Chicken pot pie

–     Chicken fajita

–     Beef taco pie

–     Mandarin orange.

Also! NEW ala carte items in middle and high schools

–     Hot chicken wing box

–     Grab & go box.

You can still buy great salads

–     Grilled Chicken Salad

–     Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad

–     Chicken Salad


–     Seafood basket

–     Calzones

–     Chicken tenders

AND REMEMBER, any item on your school lunch menu can be bought separately.