Neighbor misunderstands substitute driver

Neighbor misunderstands substitute driver

          A miscommunication between a parent and a substitute bus driver led to our alert about a couple possibly trying to pick up children Monday morning.

     The substitute bus driver rode the route Friday afternoon, but she was driving the route again Sunday night in her personal car to be sure she knew the route before Monday morning.

     The driver was the person who spoke Sunday night with the neighbor of a family whose children ride the bus.

     Because of a language barrier between the neighbor and the substitute driver, the neighbor misunderstood and thought a van would pick the children up Monday morning..

     The driver – in fact – was simply explaining that she was double checking the route so there would be no delays the next morning..

     “We apologize if the alert caused any problems, but we believe issuing the alert was the right thing to do until we knew for sure there was no threat to children,” superintendent Jonathan Phipps said. “We commend the substitute driver for double-checking on her own time to be sure she could run the route properly.”.

     Please do not hesitate to call us of any incident that makes you concerned for our children’s safety..

     “Thank you for your support as we dealt with this situation and worked to keep children safe,” superintendent Jonathan Phipps said. “We’re very glad the incident was just a mis-communication.”