Extended free meals for students until June 2021


The USDA has extended free meals for all students until June 2021. Breakfast and lunches are served at no charge to support families during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Lancaster County School District’s Department of Food services has been planning for this event and looking forward to serving as many students who will participate. All of the schools of Lancaster County School District are considered closed sites and will only serve registered students that attend a K-12 program within the District.

Our plan is as follows:
Virtual students
Instructions to access these free meals are as follows.
-Virtual students will be able to pick up 5 Breakfasts and 5 Lunches on Fridays Only from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
– Meals can only be picked up at the school that your student is enrolled for attendance this school year.
– If you have multiple students that attend different schools in the District, you will have to prepare to pick up meals from each of those schools
– Students do not have to be present with the parent at the time of meal pickup

Please be prepared with the following information to access virtual meal pickup for your child(ren)
– Parents must know the PowerSchool student number for their student(s)
– Parents must also give the student’s first and last name
– Students must be identified at their school of attendance to receive the meals

Please feel free to use the online ordering tool as a convenience.

Parents who have paid money into their students’ lunch accounts for this school year may leave it on the student’s account to be used for meal purchases for the next school year.