Bus Transportation Information

Bus Transportation Information

Bus Transportation
Please remember during the first couple of weeks schools are very slow loading students in an effort to ensure children are not placed on wrong buses. Expect slow arrival times home in the beginning. There is no way around this, we wish there was a way.

We have new drivers who are learning routes and veteran drivers who are learning new routes and students as well. Everything won’t be perfect so please be patient with us.

Call us if you need us, and please be patient. But most importantly, be kind to each other as we never know the adversity someone else may be dealing with.​

Below is the link to confirm if your child has been registered to ride a bus on the first day of school:

Please note: If your child was not registered to ride a bus prior to the July 15th deadline, they will not be assigned to a bus until after Labor Day.

2022-23 Confirmed bus riders for the first day of school

Below is the link for bus routes by school:

Please note: These times are estimated, and routes are subject to change based on service needs of our students. This is a general route description of streets covered (every minor road may not be listed). ​

2022-23 Bus Routes

Safety and Transportation Office
Lancaster County School District