Aug. 31 Lancaster High – South Pointe Boys Cross Country Results

LHS boys lose to South Pointe – LHS: 49 – SP: 19

(For map of course & info on how cross country is scored, look at end of results)

Place Name School Time
1 Tomlin, Garrison SP 19:32
2 Burn, Drew LHS 20:23
3 Hunter, Michael SP 20:43
4 Cranford, Michael SP 20:51
5 Sacco, Chris SP 21:20
6 Paxton, Gabriel SP 21:26
7 Lightner, Israel SP 21:43
8 Snipes, Grayson LHS 21:49
9 Bridges, Loftin SP 21:57
10 Bailey, Cole LHS 22:21
11 Able, Austin SP 22:27
12 Wooten, Will SPC 22:47
13 Shrum, Jordan LHS 22:50
14 Hardin, Chadwick SP 22:58
15 Couch, Christian SP 23:47
16 Wooten, Ben SPC 24:04
17 Jones, Herbert LHS 25:24
18 Bert, AJ SP 26:19
19 Berry, James SP 26:21
20 Jolley, Copper SP 26:22
21 Benson, Mark SP 26:57
22 Bailey, Adam LHS 27:41
23 Shrum, Josiah LHS 28:06
24 Rakrad, Brad SP 28:26
25 Faris, Bobby SP 29:22
26 Faile, Toby LHS 30:59
27 Keenan, Caleb LHS 33:12
28 Goebel, Matthew LHS 34:11

Cross Country is a 5K (3.1 mile) race through varying terrains.

Think of it as off-road track.

The Lancaster Bruins’ course starts and ends at Memorial Stadium and works its way around the North Elementary Campus and the Sports Complexes surrounding it. It’s a mix of gravel, grass and hilly terrain.

To win a Cross Country meet as a team, you calculate the score as follows.

You take the places that the top 5 runners from each school finished, and add them up.
For example, if Team A had runners finish in 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, their score for the meet would be 26. If Team B had runners finish 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th their score would be 29.

Low score wins, so Team A would win. By scoring it this way, you get a true measure of which team is actually better, not just an individual.

It becomes very important to have a “pack” of runners who can place towards the top of the meet, even if you don’t have an individual that comes in first place.

To see a map of the Lancaster High’s course, CLICK HERE.