Andrew Jackson High Varsity Volleyball Team wins North Central Tourney Silver Bracket Championship

Reported by Kayla Horton

Andrew Jackson’s Varsity Volleyball Team won three straight matches to claim the Silver Bracket Championship at the North Central Tournament Saturday, Sept. 18.

The Volunteers struggled in the tourney’s opening pool matches, but came to life in the Silver Bracket, winning matches over Crestwood and Indian Land before defeating AC Flora for  the championship.

The results:

Pool Games
AJ loses to North Central, 0-2
Game 1: AJ, 19/NC, 25
Game 2: AJ, 12/NC, 25

AJ loses to Gilbert, 0-2
Game 1: AJ, 15/G, 25
Game 2: AJ, 19/ G, 25

AJ defeats AC Flora, 2-0
Game 1: AJ, 25/ ACF, 18
Game 2: AJ 25/ACF, 14

Tournament: Silver Bracket
AJ defeats Crestwood, 2-0
Game 1: AJ, 25/C, 20
Game 2: AJ, 25/C, 16

AJ defeats Indian Land, 2-1
Game 1: AJ, 25/IL, 21
Game 2: AJ, 23/IL, 25
Game 3: AJ, 15/IL, 13

AJ defeats AC Flora, 2-0 for the  Championship
Game 1: AJ, 25/ACF, 12
Game 2: AJ, 25/ACF, 17