Indian Land High Varsity Boys Cross Country team wins tri-match; Girls finish second

Indian Land’s Boys Cross Country Team defeats North Central and Great Falls Sept. 21 at Indian Land; Girls beat Great Falls
Boys: IL – 1st with 23, North Central – 2nd with 34, Great Falls 3rd with 88.
Girls: North Central – 1st with  40, IL- 2nd with 43, Great Falls – third with 55
– North Central’s Chad Hampton scored 1st boy with 19.45
– IL John Cutrone – 2nd with 19.52
– James Gregory, IL – 20.02,
– Leith Rawson, IL, 20.51
– Eric Augeson, IL, 22.02
– Indian Land’s Sarah Jordan scored 1st with 25.48
– Destiny Todd, IL, 29.05
“Our course is really hard, and times are slower than most courses, Il coach Sara Allen said. “But this match is a good start for us.”