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School board passes tougher dress code policy

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     Pull up those pants. Take off those caps and sunglasses. Get rid of those too-revealing tops.

     The Board of Trustees has passed a tougher policy on student dress codes because the board wants students to realize how appearance affects how others see you — and how they see our schools.

     “Everyone — from the person who decides if you get that job you’ve always wanted to the person who decides if you get a loan for your dream house — is influenced by how you look,” superintendent Gene Moore said. “Students’ appearance can also influence their attitudes toward learning and behaving. The board believes it has a duty to set high standards for our students to insure their success — during school and in life after school.”

     The new policy — passed March 16 — sets specific standards for student dress and requires principals to see that those standards are maintained.

     “The board wants expectations for student dress to be consistent from school to school at each level,” Moore said. “This tougher policy gives our school administrators and faculties the support they need to enforce a consistent dress code.”

     To see a copy of the new policy, CLICK HERE.

For the specific dress code for your school, contact your school.

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One Response to “School board passes tougher dress code policy”

  1. Megan Price on September 21st, 2010 9:04 pm

    I feel that, dressing how you want, is a way of expressing yourself, with style. No , I don’t agree that people should come to school wearing tube tops and short shorts, but not letting us wear shorts at all, or even tanktops with a jacket over it, is too much. More students are going to rebel against this, and the attire may become worse than before just because of the way the school board has taken this too far.

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Lancaster County School District
School board passes tougher dress code policy