Links designed to help protect students, staff

The Sex Offender Registry now linked to the school district website and the Sheriff’s Department website helps keep children and staff safe by giving parents and schools a great tool for tracking offenders.

The site gives details about an offender including a physical description, a photo and a map to the offender’s address.

The site allows you to either put in an address and search for homes of sex offenders within a two-mile radius of that address or to search by a person’s name.

On the site, you can also sign up to receive an e-mail when an offender moves into your area.

To access the site, you can either:
• click on the safety/transportation tab on the school district home page and scroll down to SC Sex Offenders Website, which will take you to the Sheriff’s Department website where you’ll click on the Crime tab, then scroll down to Offender Watch, OR
• go directly to the Sheriff’s Department website ( ) and click on the Crime tab, then scroll down to Offender Watch.

Here’s how the SC Sex Offenders Website works:
Once you enter an address, you’ll see every sex offender within that two-mile radius. You can choose a smaller radius on that page, if you want.
To see more about an offender, click on the “View Details” link.
Searches based on geography do NOT list offenders where addresses cannot be electronically mapped.
• To see a list of unmappable addresses, click the related button.
• Searches based on city or other geographic area may not produce a reliable list of all offenders near you because boundaries used for the search may be arbitrary.

OR you can search by first or last name.
• Searches based on first or last name will also show any alias matching the submitted name(s); however, legal names only will show on the offender name list.
• If you are unsure of spelling of an offender’s name, try searching by the first letter or another portion of the name that you are more sure about.
• The site will produce a list of all offenders whose names begin with the letter “B” by typing B in the name field.

If you wish to get a list of offenders based on an exact keyword(s) search, enclose the keyword(s) in either double or single quotes.

If you have questions about the site, please call Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office 911 Coordinator Sandy Cauthen at 803-313-2129.