Partners for Youth wins Champion for Education Award

      Partners for Youth received the S.C. School Boards Association Champion for Education Award for going above and beyond to help children succeed.

     PFY director Sharon Novinger along with PFY board chair and board members Don Gardner, Janice Dabney and Mary Barry received the award, presented by SCSBA Region 13 representative Ann Reid.

     Ms. Reid applauded the Foundation for partnering with the school district to make a difference in children’s lives.

     Below is the nomination the school board submitted to SCSBA for Partners for Youth.

     Across the top of the Lancaster County Partners for Youth Foundation’s website is the pledge: “Dedicated to providing exceptional opportunities to elevate and enrich the youth of Lancaster County.”

     And Partners for Youth has truly lived up to this promise since its creation in 2005.

     Every school in Lancaster County – and quite possibly every student and teacher – has been touched by the wonderful things Partners for Youth does to help students achieve.

     How does Partners for Youth’s directly impact student success?

     • Ask the more than 300 students in the Class of 2011 and Class of 2014 who will receive more than $1,200,000 in Gear-Up, thanks to Partners for Youth support of the program.

     • Ask the 30 future teachers from Lancaster County since who received $97,500 in scholarships from Partners for Youth on the condition that these students return to our county to teach. To date, four have completed their college education and are teaching for us.

     • Ask the 79 teachers in our 20 schools (and their students) who have won $65,000 in teacher mini-grants to use instructional projects that our district doesn’t have the resources to fund

     • Ask the thousands of elementary students who – since 2007 – have benefitted from our elementary homework centers, all funded by Partners for Youth. The foundation gave more than $1.2 million for the centers and a number of other programs and organizations that help students.

     • Ask 220 preschoolers who had full-day 4K kindergarten, which was possible because Partners for Youth teamed with our school district, Head Start, Lancaster County First Steps and The Children’s Council to apply for and receive the $3,300,000 U.S. Department of Education Early Reading First grant. Partners for Youth also administers the grant, which funds five 4K classrooms and has provided over 4,540 hours of professional development training for 32 school district and Head Start teachers and assistants.

     Partners for Youth has made a total investment in the children and youth of our county of $5,915,129.80 since 2005.

     Partners for Youth is definitely making a difference for our students, our children and our system. We are so fortunate to have Partners for Youth help us provide “exceptional opportunities to elevate and enrich the youth of Lancaster County.” The foundation continually looks for ways to help raise the educational level of our youth.

     Our board can imagine no organization in the state that is making a greater difference in an educational system than Lancaster County Partners for Youth. Without reservation, we urge you to recognize this great supporter of public education with a Champion for Education Award.