Pay for student meals online – and know more about where the money goes

     Beginning in January, parents can purchase their children’s school meals online through Meals Plus.
     “This online purchase program should make purchasing school meals more convenient for parents,” superintendent Gene Moore said. “And it will give parents the tools to see how their children spend their lunch money and what they’re eating.”
     Here’s how the program works.
     •     Parents are NOT required to use the system.
     •     Parents who want to use the program go online to sign up – there’s a one-time $10 fee charged by Meals Plus to sign up.
     •     Parents are charged $1.95 by Meals Plus each time they go online to purchase meals, but they can purchase as many meals as they like during that transaction, up to $100.
     •     A parent’s meal payments are posted to our cafeteria’s system within 24 hours of each payment.
     •     Parents have access to
          –     a 90-day history of what their children purchase for meals
          –     a view of account balances
          –     emails to notify you when your account balance is low
     •     Balances left at the end of the school year are carried over to the students’ accounts for the next school year.
     •     Districts in our state using the Meals Plus online payment program include Charleston, Fort Mill, Lexington 1 and York. Aiken and Darlington are just beginning the program.
     •     The program will not cost anything for our district to join nor will our district receive additional income from the program.
     •     For more details on the program, Click here for a Powerpoint and Click here a Frequently Asked Questions handout.
Click here to sign up. You simply need your student school ID number. If you don’t have this number, contact your child’s school.