Board of Trustees supports teachers

Board of Trustees supports teachers

The Lancaster County School Board took support for teachers one step forward at March 19 board meeting.

A resolution was written by the board in support of teachers.  Click here to see resolution.

A Resolution of Lancaster County School Board of Trustees Supporting Teachers

Whereas, the mission of Lancaster County School District is to Put Children First; and

Whereas, the success of more than 14,000 students in Lancaster County School District depends on the skills, knowledge, positive influence, and leadership of dedicated teachers who work collaboratively with school board members, administrators, colleagues, parents, families, community members, and others to prepare students to live, work, and succeed; and,

Whereas, the Lancaster County School District Board of Trustees is extremely proud of the 1,102 certified personnel and 851 instructional support personnel who have consistently delivered an excellent education to all students, early childhood through adulthood, within our  24 schools and adult education; and,

Whereas, teachers are agents of the future who motivate, inspire, and mold tomorrow’s community, business and political leaders; and,

Whereas, teachers are an indispensable component of the high-quality public education system necessary to develop a competitive workforce that will drive a vibrant South Carolina economy for decades to come; and,

Whereas, teachers are duly licensed professionals, possessing technical and professional expertise, and receiving frequent and rigorous ongoing training and education, often at their own expense, to improve and hone their craft; and,

Whereas, every student deserves to have a highly qualified teacher who provides a safe and nurturing classroom environment where they can learn and grow; and,

Whereas, the base salary gap between teachers in South Carolina and teachers across the nation, as well as the salary gap between South Carolina’s starting teacher salaries and the starting salaries offered by other professions requiring equivalent levels of higher education continue to be significant factors in teachers leaving the classroom or never choosing the teaching profession as a career in college — both of which impact the growing teacher shortage; and,

Whereas, teachers are entitled to a salary commensurate with their education and experience that enables them to meet the cost of living; and,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Lancaster County School District Board of Trustees recognizes that teaching is a noble and respected profession and that our teachers are intellectual leaders in our community; and,

Be it further resolved, that the Lancaster County School District Board of Trustees strongly supports our teachers and their efforts to increase the South Carolina average teacher salary to a nationally competitive level that encourages those with experience to stay in the classroom and makes teaching an appealing career option for college students and career changers;

Be it further resolved, that copies of this resolution be furnished to State Superintendent Molly Spearman and the members of the Lancaster County Legislative Delegation and that information about this resolution be communicated to Lancaster County School District students, parents, community leaders, businesses and other school supporters.

Approved by the Lancaster County School District Board of Trustees at its March 19, 2019 Board Meeting.