2019-20 New School Administrators

2019-20 New School Administrators

On April 23, the Board of Trustees named –

     •     Andrew Jackson High principal Alex Dabney as the district’s secondary math specialist / data analyst;

     •     Andrew Jackson High assistant principal Shuntay Miller as Andrew Jackson High’s interim principal;

     •     A.R. Rucker principal Anita Watts as Barr Street Learning Center’s principal;

     •     Clinton principal Michelle Crosby as A.R. Rucker’s new principal;

     •     Clinton assistant principal Alysia Joyce as A.R. Rucker’s assistant principal;

     •     Indian Land Elementary principal Keisha Witherspoon as Clinton’s new principal;

     •     Indian Land Middle assistant principal Sarah Deason as Indian Land Elementary’s interim principal;

     •     Kershaw assistant principal Kevin Miller as Buford Middle’s new principal;

     •     A.R. Rucker assistant principal Chris Davis as Kershaw assistant principal;

     •     Indian Land High assistant principal David Sweem as South’s new principal; and

     •     North assistant principal Corey Hyslop as Erwin’s new principal.