Update and photos of new Indian Land school


     Updates on the new Indian Land school.

     At Tuesday, February 18 board meeting, district administration briefed the board on the timing to move into the new Indian Land High as well as the move of the middle school to the current high school and the creation of an Intermediate School.

     The new high school is still targeted to open in August as reported by the architects. We are still very hopeful even though the rainy February has been brutal on construction.

     Because of the needed updates to the current high school to transition it to a middle school will be wide-spread work in areas such as paving, painting and other improvements to the traffic pattern.

     There is simply not enough time over the summer to complete the needed work in such a small window of time, therefore we will not be moving Indian Land Middle or creating an Intermediate School in 2020/2021. We know parents want to make plans as soon as possible in regards to their children and we didn’t want this to be a last minute decision. That’s why we are announcing our intentions 6 months out.

     All rising 5th graders will stay put in their current elementary schools next school year. The middle school will be grades 6-8 next school year.

     More information will be shared later but we wanted to let parents in elementary and middle schools know the plan as soon as possible. We also wanted our high school parents to know the status of the new school.

     Click here to see interior photos of work being done (Photo slide show).