Update and photos of new Indian Land High school


New school update

     Click here to see exterior photos of work being done (Photo slide show).

We believe the class of 2021 will graduate from the new high school but will not begin in the new high school for the upcoming school year.

• The project is tracking behind schedule and potentially a delay due to COVID-19

• Two major subcontractors have missed work due to COVID-19.
     – the site contractor went bankrupt
     – Cleveland has since replaced the subcontractor

• The current Cleveland schedule indicates substantial completion August 3, 2020,
54 days passed the Contract Substantial Completion of June 10, 2020.

• Presently, Cleveland’s Substantial Completion date includes 38 rain days (thru
February 2020).
     – these rain days are cumulative and will not be incorporated into the contract until the end
     – we will track and report as the information is received from Cleveland