Third and final packet


There will be a 3rd and final packet for this year.

Packet 3 pick-up will be Monday, May 11 from 12-5 p.m. Some schools may have extended hours, please check your school’s website for extended times.

• Packet 3 will be 4 pages, 2 pages front and back.

• Packet 2 may be turned in when Packet 3 is picked up. If your child needs more time to complete Packet 2, you may turn it in with Packet 3.

• Your school will contact you when Packet 3 will need to be turned in, Packet 2 will also need to be turned in at this time if it has not already been turned in.

• Seniors will not need to complete Packet 3.


1st-semester grades will be used to determine class rank. If packets are turned in, students will receive a grade of 100, averaged into the second-semester grade.