Update from October 29 Called Board of Trustees Meeting


At the Oct. 29 called board meeting, Dr. Phipps and the Board of Trustees discussed the results of the parent and employee surveys and the options for re-opening schools to 4 days a week.

Please see the summary video from Dr. Phipps on Thursday night’s called board meeting regarding the preparation to move to 4-days a week instruction and to review the parent and employee survey results.

Oct. 29 board meeting summary from Dr. Phipps

To view the parent and employee survey results, click here

Option B –
1. Plexiglass shields arrive and are installed in classrooms across the district,
beginning with elementary schools. *
2. In 2 weeks, elementary school A/B students return 4 days per week.
3. In 1 more week, middle school A/B students return 4 days per week.
4. after winter break, all A/B students return 4 days per week.


*The timeline for delivery and installation is dependent upon the SC SDE


**The district will work with fully virtual parents to have their students return if
the parent selects to have them return to face-to-face instruction. This process may
be delayed as logistics are arranged to accommodate the increased enrollment.


Plexiglass use in schools
Consistent with its existing policy, DHEC is providing further information
regarding use of plexiglass barriers between students. As noted in the
COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions for School Officials from August 14,
2020, appropriate plexiglass use, combined with other measures, allows for
shorter distances for social distancing.
In scenarios in which students are seated closer apart than six feet, the students would not be considered close contacts when:
1. appropriate plexiglass is utilized, and
2. distance between students is at least three feet apart, and
3. the students are wearing cloth face coverings or face masks that cover the nose and mouth (the plexiglass does not serve as a substitute to mask-wearing).
Plexiglass is considered appropriately sized and utilized if it surrounds three sides (the front and two sides) of the edges of the student’s desk and extends at least a foot above each child’s head when seated at the desk and at least a foot beyond the end of the desk on either side. There may be acceptable other configurations, as determined on an individual basis by DHEC.


Click here to see the document from the October 29 Called Board Meeting.