LCSD vendor registry

LCSD vendor registry

The Lancaster County School District joins over 430 local government agencies that utilize their prominent vendor and bid management platform. Some of the resources the Lancaster County School District gains by joining Vendor Registry include vendor management, vendor self-service, solicitation management, electronic bidding, bid evaluation, and contract management. By posting their upcoming bids through Vendor Registry, the Lancaster County School District ensures a community of over 100,000 vendors can view their solicitations, download documents, and receive notification of their addenda.

Vendor Registry is a source for local government bids that include real-time bid alerts to create business growth at local, state, and regional. Over 5,000 new bids are processed by the vendor registry bid team every week. All vendors looking to do business with the Lancaster County School District and other nearby government agencies are encouraged to register today.

In addition to one centralized location for local government bids, the benefits of registering with Vendor Registry include:

– Instant Bid Notifications
– Easy Registration
– Stay Organized
– Subscription Options

“Our procurement department is excited to be able to improve our efficiency by using the tools provided through Vendor Registry. In addition to the time savings we will see, our vendors will also benefit from registering in one location for all government bids. We invite all of our current vendors to register and grow their business in Lancaster County,” stated Trevor Hammond, Procurement Director of the Lancaster County School District.