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Four educators chosen for induction
into Education Hall of Fame May 13

     Former school district state and federal programs director Jackie Adams-Traynor – a talented district administrator who helped lead programs for elementary-age students as well as special needs and gifted and talented students. She taught elementary school nine years before moving to the district office to direct state and federal programs. She retired in 1997. (Click to watch Adams’s induction. )

     Former Andrew Jackson assistant superintendent Doug Barfield – a beloved teacher whose leadership as an assistant superintendent helped Flat Creek, Heath Springs, Hillside and Kershaw students come together to form Andrew Jackson schools. He began as an agriculture teacher in 1953 at Kershaw High before becoming principal at Kershaw High in 1965. He became assistant superintendent for the Andrew Jackson Area Schools in 1968 and retired in 1988. (Click to watch Barfield’s induction. )

     Former Clinton Elementary principal Eddie Jackson – a caring principal whose work as a science teacher, guidance counselor and principal was characterized by his fairness and by his love for his students. He began as a science teacher at Southside Elementary in 1961 and went on to serve as an assistant principal at Barr Street High, South Junior High and North Junior High before becoming principal at Clinton Elementary. He retired in 1989. (Click to watch Jackson’s induction. )

     Former Lancaster High band director Ben Watkins – a gifted band director whose bands and orchestras were known for excellence across the state and region. He became Buford, Kershaw and Lancaster’s band director in 1948 and retired in 1981. (Click to watch Watkins’s induction. )

     The four were inducted into the Lancaster County Education Hall of Fame May 13.

      “These four educators had a tremendous impact on the lives of so many students, an impact that continues to be a positive influence on our community and its citizens,” superintendent Gene Moore said.

      “Our county has been blessed with so many gifted educators, and we’re pleased these four individuals have been selected to represent the thousands of talented teachers and administrators who’ve served our students so faithfully.”

      The luncheon honoring these inductees and the district’s 2014 retirees was May 13.